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[RC] Lee's Camp - goearth

Last year i posted on the fact we built the fire for the first time since his encampment during the winter of  1863-64 along with the Army of Northern Va. of 60,000 troops, and that Lee spent the winter in a tent when he could have had a fine home, but he wanted to stay with his troops, even after suffering a heart attack from what many said happened at Gettysburg.  Yesterday we were supposed to go back, with some reenactors who are involved in all the Civil War movies and because of the weather we were unable because the creeks are rising.  There is a tree in Orange Va., that is called Travelers Tree(a honey locust) that is in a sad state of health where Lee went to Church and tied Traveler and its importance is only meaningful to but the few.  Lee was a special man and at another time in history he would have been the victor.  But at this time in defeat he was a hero and a rallying call to reconciliation.  The breed of Traveler can be debated and never proven.  What can be is that a great man and a great horse met at the same time and we will always remember their bond.  (As a side note...Cold Mountain which was filmed in Romania with Nicole Kidman is another CW epic that unfortunately had to go outside the USA for reasons of cost) tom sites