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[RC] Supplement question, can you over do it? - k s swigart

Ibiteraaarr said:

Do I really have the right to tell her about my concerns or not?
The most annoying part about this is the winter has been hardest
on my thin-skinned half-Arab.  He's got a coat on him like a
grizzly bear's and of the three horses, he's lost the most weight.
You can imagine how unsympathetic I have become to her
whining about her thick muscled Appy.
What else can I suggest to her "diplomatically" to get her to
re-evaluate her feeding regiment? Less quantities of higher
protein feed? A vet check? PLEASE ADVISE!

Here is my advice to to...since you asked.

There is no reason for you to suggest anything to her, diplomatically or
not...if she hasn't asked.

Unless, of course, she is trying to shove these supplements down your
horse's throat as well, in which case, you can ask her to please not do
that....unless you want your horse to gain some weight :).

This situation has become extremely frustrating.

I have long since given up on concerning myself over what other people
are doing with their horses.

I would pay close attention to my own horse's body condition score and
increase or decrease its rations accordingly. Everybody else can do what
they like.

If she asks, then you can help her to evaluate her horse's body
condition score and suggest ways for her to increase or decrease the
horse's rations accordingly. :)

Orange County, Calif.


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