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RE: [RC] mentoring - Carol Stiles

Cindy wrote,"Hi, Carol.  Most people will not bald face lie to you about their record
since it's so easy to look up.  So, just ask how many miles do they have?
Most of us love to talk about our records and you'll probably get more
info. than you need. "
I'm not sure what warranted this comment I never mentioned anything about people lieing about their miles. I think you have me mixed up someelses post.
 "I will say, though, that I will not ride with
someone whose horse is out of control.  I'm just too old for that stuff.
I can't afford to get myself or my horse hurt.  Good luck.  Cindy"
Cindy, That was my horses first ride and he wasn't happy that I was waiting till everyone left camp before starting on him.  He was just young, inexperienced, and excited  being his first ride and  reared while John was holding him. Once I got on him he was fine and never "out of control". In fact once we got started, we came up a lady that was having trouble controling her horse and I stopped my horse and waited with hers until it calmed down. Beau is a normally very calm well-trained horse at home and on the trail. Are you telling me your horse never got excited at a ride start? You must be riding a plow horse. Carol