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Re: [RC] selenium - Susan Garlinghouse

I had a grass hay analysis done.  The selenium is 13.5ppm.  When I do the
math, it seems really high.  Or maybe I'm not doing it right?  Is this
something (else!)to worry about?  Thanks for your help!

Ppm is the same as mg per kg, so yeah, my math comes out as an average horse
eating twenty pound is getting a whole lot of selenium, even for endurance
horses. There is some literature demonstrating that 8.5 ppm forage fed long
term can cause chronic toxicity (though it would take levels about 40 times
that high to cause acute toxicity).  I would get another sample run, point
out the high selenium to whoever did your sample and ask if it could be a
mistake and if not, get serum Se levels checked for your horses.  Any chance
at all that there was a typo and the 13.5 is actually 1.35 ppm?  Or even
.135 ppm?

In the meantime, don't kill yourself ripping hay out of the horse's
mouths...worst case scenario, you can just dilute the selenium in the ration
with another forage source with lower selenium.  See if the broker or
whoever sold you the hay is willing to work with you to solve the problem.
Keep an eye out for Se toxicity symptoms---loss of mane and tail hair,
horizontal bands across the hoof (they look like fever lines, but bigger and
deeper), loss of appetite and weight loss.

Susan G

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[RC] selenium, Casey and Don James