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Re: [RC] regional awards question - Heidi Smith

How do you folks feel about the following - concerning AERC regional

Currently it doesn't matter where you ride, only which region you belong
Theoretically a rider can earn a regional award w/o doing any rides in the
region of residence.

What are your feelings on this - pros and cons? Should there be any
limitation on the number of out-of-region rides or miles that can be
to regional awards?

Having just come back from PNER convention, apparently it isn't "what region
you belong to" either.  It appears that one of the NW regional awards is
being earned by someone who USED to live here, but who lists her address
with AERC as southern CA and who puts her address on ride entry forms as
being in southern CA.  At least if people maintain a primary residence in a
particular region, they have to haul a long way to ride somewhere else
(other than those right on a border of a region).   While I do understand
the rationale of being able to garner points in other regions (folks who
like to travel, or who like to ride all year and have only seasonal rides in
their home region due to weather, or who live on the border of a region and
find it more economical to pick up close rides in the neighboring region vs
far rides in their own), the concept that someone need not even LIVE in the
region I find appalling.  If the current policy is that one garners points
in one's home region, then AERC needs to enforce that policy.

As to the question at hand--yes, I would support the concept of making it
mandatory to do some minimum amount of riding in one's home region.  If one
is riding enough to be at the top of the heap points-wise, it shouldn't be
an odious requirement to ride at least a small handful of rides "at
home"--and it is only fair that those with whom one is in competition can at
least put a face to the name in the stats.


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