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[RC] Broodmare concern - Lysane Cree

Has anyone ever seen the following:

Where I board, there is a young mare (I think she is
5) in foal who is suddenly lying down a lot and having
difficulty getting back up. 
She is due only in July so she is not far along,
although she is getting a rounder belly. Her udder is
fuller than normal, but she has always been like this,
even when not pregnant. 
The past two nights, she has laid down in her stall
when she is brought in from the pasture in the evening
(horses are out all day). At first we thought she
might have colic but she just lay there (not trying to
roll, not looking at her side, not grunting). When we
tried to get her up it took alot of convincing and she
seemed to have trouble getting up. Her legs were very
shaky once she got up and she seemed stiff. It seemed
to me that she looked like she was utterly exhausted,
but she is doing no work at all, she is not even being
ridden at the moment. She is on pasture all day. 
We walked her a bit and the first 5-10 minutes she
seemed to walk stiffly. Then she walked normally
afterwards. She passes manure and urinates regularly
although she has been leaving her hay behind, when
normally she cleans up everything. When the
grain/alfalfa cubes are passed around she is as loud
as everyone else and has cleaned that up. I was
thinking that maybe it is just mild colic, but the
shaky legs and stiff walk have me stumped. 


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