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Re: [RC] Schizophrenic captain of the ship: In Howard's defense - Dbeverly4

In a message dated 10/30/2003 4:31:13 PM Pacific Standard Time, howard9732@xxxxxxx writes:

Well, for one thing, the last one who should ever listen to me is that woman from North Georgia.  If coming in 2nd place and receiving BC is running your horse in the ground than I guess we have different definitions.

Nobody listens to you if they have half a brain Howard and we all know that....the point being that you are spewing this sanctimonious, self serving CRAP about how you care about your horses and how horrible it would be to run one to death when by your very own words you don't have enough control over your own horses to NOT run run one to death.  Its hard to figure out where the heck you're coming from. You describe how great it is to ride a horse that you have absolutely no control over.  You tout how great it is that your daughter is top tenning...I'd frankly like to ask where are these horses?  I haven't been following Ridecamp lately (obviously, because you aren't burnt to a toast).  But my question is,,,, you who puts yourself out there as the sanctimonious savior of all our  horses.....where are your horses? What are they doing and HOW are they doing?  You quite frankly remind me of the kind of person who quits smoking and then HATES anybody who has a cigarette in their hand.  You REEK of self-serving sanctimony.

Sylvia (ohyeah, the Wicked Witch of the West)