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[RC] Girth "bumps"? - Jennifer Thompson

Hi all,

Was wondering if anybody had any idea why my horse would
have the following problem:

I ride a Desoto saddle (love it!) and have been using a
Running Bear wool fleece sport girth with it.  I've ridden
with this girth on my mare for two years, and then on my
gelding for the past year.

I have done countless training rides with my gelding in the
hills with this setup with no problem.  I have also taken
him on one LD and one 2-day CTR using this saddle/girth
combo.  No issues with it.   Then I took him on a 1-day CTR
(it was a very technical trail with lots of hills and big
rocks to manuever through and around) several weeks ago and
when I untacked at the end of the day, he had these big
swellings under the girth just above and behind the elbow.
The buckles are farther up, so they weren't the problem.
The hair was not rubbed at all, and the skin was not broken
or irritated.  The bumps had the appearance of large squishy
hives about the size of silver dollars, but not all were
perfectly round.

The swellings were totally gone by morning, with no signs at
all that they were ever there.

Any ideas what could have caused this?  The girth *is*
getting old, and the fleece isn't as fluffy anymore, sort of
matted down, even after washing it, so I have since ordered
a new one of the same type from Running Bear, and will try
it out tomorrow.  But  now I wonder if I made a mistake and
should have tried another type of girth, such as neoprene.

The day I had the problems with the bumps was extremely
humid and hot, but I've ridden on hot humid days before
without the bumps appearing so I am at a loss as to why this
problem cropped up.  It has not happened again, but I've
only managed to squeeze in a few short rides since then, due
to having to move.

Any ideas or advice on why this happened, or how to avoid
it, would be appreciated!



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