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Re: [RC] Ruffled Feathers---Good Responses - oddfarm

Joane, good posts both times. I just wanted to say that I agree somewhat but I have also been on the other side. I put on a ride and the last year we had it we actually sanctioned it. Anyway, we did not give out a BC award for LD.
You bring up some very valid points. BC in LD is not consistent,but the rules say it doesn't have to be. Many members, including RM's feel like LD is for training only. So, if a RM doesn't want to treat the LD like an endurance 50, they don't have to. If BC is the "ultimate endurance award", then do endurance, not LD.
It is not the vets who created the inconsistency. The board and members are the ones who came up with the rules. Ride managers pay the vets and pay for the prizes. I have put this ride on for four years and have been in the hole all four years. I do it because I enjoy it. Some RM want to at least make their money back. That one extra prize and added time for the vets might be what puts them out of the money. I don't know, I am just guessing. It is not easy to put on a ride and if the RM can't or won't put out the extra effort for that one prize, right now that is their prerogative. If the vets feel that none of the horses deserve the recognition, that is also their decision.
And we have the rule to back that up. So you need to maybe get a petition ready the next time you are able to attend a meeting/convention and get someone to make a motion for a rule change. Let us know when it is ready. Many members will back you up, I am sure. Or you can put on your own ride and make sure there is a BC in your limited distance.
Connie wrote an excellent article in Oct. EN, (yea, I got it before November!) about how RM should put everything in writing as to what to expect at a ride. So, if you know that a ride is not giving BC for an LD, protest and don't go. Encourage other LD riders to do the same and maybe that will bring about some changes.
Put on your own ride, protest rides without BC for LD, or try and change the rules. There you go. The choices are endless.
Lisa Salas, The Oddf aRM
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Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 11:46 PM
Subject: [RC] Ruffled Feathers---Good Responses

 It appears from the number of posted and private responses that I really did ruffle some feathers!   Which those of you who know me know, was exactly what I intended to do----in a good way!  It is interesting to see what some of you read into my words---things that were not said or intended---and I of course expected those that get personal in their "attacks" but all in all, it was a good exchange.
For your information Jon Linderman, Donna Snyder Smith would tell you that I am a very balanced rider and work hard at staying that way since I fight a bad sciatic nerve problem----not a chip on the shoulder----which is why I prefer LD.  I have attended every national convention except one since I joined in 1996 and have seen LD grow and develop---as I stated in my post.  That does not mean that there is not a lot left to be done, however, and it starts by sharing thoughts and concerns in a positive dialectic and not a personal attack.
I also pointed out that I ride in only a few regions and that I cannot comment on the others but after riding a lot of miles this year, there are marked (even discriminatory) differences in the way LD is handled not only between regions but also within the same region.  Sooooo,  those of you who come from regions with more standardized LD practices can certainly point with pride to that fact.  I appreciate knowing how you are doing it as it might help those of us that are in regions that are not doing it so well. 
I also pointed out Maryben that some---no make that many---ride managers put on great rides and treat LD on a parr with 50's.  By that I did not mean "prizes"!  In fact, that was the last thing I was thinking about.  If it was only a matter of prizes, that is an easy fix---money.  Raising money for charitable purposes is something I do in very substantial amounts and have actually offered to do for LD----but the problem is much deeper than that.  To prove my point, please look at the current regional limited distance best condition standings.  There are nine regions and only four have any BC's posted and the season is almost over.  Of the four regions that do have at least some LD BC's, only the MidWest appears to have a really consistent treatment of LD riders on the concept of awarding Best Condition.  In our Mountain Region, Linda Fisher has 2 BC's.  Although there are a few others with one, the reason that our LD riders are not on a parr with the MidWest is not because Linda's horse would not be able to compete but because most of our rides don't even award BC in LD.  I do not mean we give "something else" as an equivalent, I mean we do nothing to encourage the concept of Best Condition which is supposed to be the ultimate endurance award. 
The AERC rules say LD-BC is a RM's option---I say that is discriminatory.  A 50 miler knows exactly what will be expected of him at any ride in the region.  They all have the same standard.  The LD riders do not.  They may or may not have BC.  If they do, it may or may not be the type of scoring used for 50's. There may or may not be real vetting---and I am not going down that road tonight but any LD rider in our area knows what I mean.  There are two schools of thought among our vets and that has created an inconsistency in the treatment of LD. My point is still valid----it is time to address the issues and seek solutions---whatever they may be.
Joane and the Herd
Price, Utah

[RC] Ruffled Feathers---Good Responses, Joane Pappas White