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Re: [RC] LD vs 50--Let's ruffle some feathers - Lynne Glazer


Because with one hand AERC says "it's a race" by only allowing the top ten to show for BC, with full weight and time calculated just like the 50s.

Then "it's not a race" by printing names only without placement or times in EN.

More variation between rides in regions without a regional organization? Possibly, maybe not. Ours (PS) is one w/o a regional org., and all but one of us treat the LDs the same as the 50s in terms of BCs and completion awards. One ride (Coso Junction Jam) even has the same entry fee for both distances, can't get more equal than that! <tongue firmly lodged in cheek> The last time I remember different completion awards for each distance (PS) was back in '97 or so.

A number of us have given the AERC-style LD BC thing a try. Most of us give high vet score type awards to LD only, and often that's to 5 places.

I would really like the dichotomy to go away--either it's a race or it's a ride, OR it's a race AND it's a ride (the way the 50s are, there's a "winner", and those of us who feel to complete is to win--room for both types of riders). So if the organization has decided that it's BOTH, then give LDers their placement and ride times published in EN!

There's nothing that precludes RMs from emphasizing completion in their award structure. No need to give a first place award, would just require reporting it.

(I use Angie's old suggestion of an entry to the next year's 50 as my first place award for LDs...I call it the "Hot Shoes" award and present a certificate on red paper, with the graphic of shoes with wings, always good for a chuckle. Likewise we give turtle awards for both distances, usually something practical like saddlebags--you're gonna need something to pack a lunch in if you're gonna be out there that long!)


On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 10:35 PM, Joane Pappas White wrote:

Our Mountain Region has?rides (which shall remain nameless) that barely acknowledge the existence of LD, provide little vetting for LD, and absolutely no best condition for LD.? Then we get rides like the?Black Hills Ride where the LD?riders were?given the same kind and supportive attention as the 50's and were vetted with the same demanding standards as the 50's.? The sad thing is that such inconsistencies within the Mountain Region mean that the LD riders of that region cannot pursue what should be the most important and coveted national award for LDers---LD Best Condition--because so few of our rides even bother to judge BC. I don't know enough about the other regions to judge them, but I suspect?at least some are like the Mountain Region.? ?Why did AERC even bother to create the award if it was not going to require an LD Best Condition? to be given as part of a sanctioned ride??

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[RC] LD vs 50--Let's ruffle some feathers, Joane Pappas White