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RE: [RC] It's not the distance... - David LeBlanc

Heidi Smith said:

       What I'm trying to get at here is that "making rules" makes us
"feel good" that we're somehow "doing something" about the problem.  But in
reality, the "feel good" rules don't change a thing.

I would be you lunch that if you went back in time and checked out the
discussions around lowering the pulse criteria from what it was (72?) to the
60-64 that seems to be a standard now, you'd hear about the same arguments -
"It won't save ALL the horses", "More rules won't help", etc.

Over time, the sport has evolved rules that do positively affect the welfare
of the horses. I've heard you argue several times how much better it is now
for the horse than it was in the early days. One of the things that's helped
is better rules, another is more education in general (there is no rule
about electrolytes, for example, and shouldn't be).

I think the folks that have been around for a while can name a number of
changes that have been for the good. If we're going to keep making changes
for the good, then we need to talk about it, think it through. Anyone want
to argue that the way it is is perfect? Don't think many will say it's

To be fair, you did say "feel-good" rules. To me, that's something that
doesn't accomplish anything, and typically is unenforcable. I agree we don't
need any of those. But because endurance isn't perfect, then I'd say that
maybe there are some rules that we don't have now that we need. Maybe
instead of rules, some problems can be solved less formally - better support
for the mentoring system is one suggestion.

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Re: [RC] It's not the distance..., Heidi Smith