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Re: [RC] Tevis - k s swigart

Gary Daniels said:

Of course I'm being sarcastic.
It seems like you know the ins and outs about everything
and aren't very kind when voicing your opinion.

Ummmm.....isn't this a little bit like the pot calling the
kettle black?

I have never heard of anybody suggesting that being
sarcastic is a very kind way to voice an opinion, yet your
first statement is to admit to having done so.

I will wait to hear (or not hear) from the lady who was
asking for trail riding help to determine if she thought I
was telling her that she didn't know her butt from a hole in
the ground, because, most definitely, that was not my
intention and I am sorry if some people took it that way.

I THOUGHT that I was being constructive in addressing some
of the issues she was encountering with the evidence she had
of overuse of her horse by suggesting some other things that
she might try instead of just telling her, "you are over
using your horse."

I will concede that I am not always the most able of
communicators and may not always succeed in adequately
conveying my point.  And, I suspect, that sometimes I have
conveyed my point adequately but still cause offense because
I tell people things that they don't want to hear, but I am
willing to do that....if they have asked.

However, I also confess to being uncharitable enough towards
you at this time to publicly point out that at least I had
the decency to ask you privately if I was understanding you
correctly rather than responding to your private post
publicly while having jumped to conclusions...which is what
you did :).

Mea culpa.

Orange County, Calif.


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