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Re: [RC] combining Beet pulp and complete feeds - Susan Garlinghouse

SuG wrote:
As for combining BP with a complete feed---you do have to be awre that
might be diluting the nutrients in the complete feed by adding other non-
fortified feeds.  In fairly small amounts, it's usually not a big deal.

Ack... can you explain further what that means?

Let's say you're feeding a complete Feed #1 that's already balanced to
provide just the right amount of Nutrient A when and ONLY when the horse
gets ten pounds of it.  If you only feed five pounds, he doesn't get quite

Now you've decided to substitute five pounds of some other feed to the
ration, and Feed #2 only has a quarter of the Nutrient A that Feed #1 does.
It's easy to assume that because you're still putting ten pounds of feed in
front of the horse, then he's getting a full dose of Nutrient A.  But,
because the second feed you added doesn't have as much of Nutrient A in it,
then the total ration is "diluted" in regards to Nutrient A (and/or Nutrient
B, C, D, E, etc).  Or, the flip side is that you only need to feed a
spoonful of Feed #2 to get sufficient Nutrient A, and by feeding five pounds
of it, you're not only feeding too much of Nutrient A, now you're also
causing an inverse ratio between Nutrients C and D.....

So, don't you feel much better now?<eg>

My point being is just that if you're going to feed fortified feeds (ie,
Complete Advantage, LMG Ener-G, Omolene, whatever), you're probably better
off not mixing up a complicated witches' brew of different feeds---the odds
are you're not getting what you hoped for.

Susan Garlinghouse DVM


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