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Re: [RC] Timex GPS - Sundaez

In a message dated 01/23/2003 7:23:48 AM Pacific Standard Time, lysanec@xxxxxxxx writes:

O.k., maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, but can
someone clear this up for me - with the Timex Gps
watch, we are measuring how far we (as in me, not the
horse) has gone and how fast, right? I mean its all
relative because "me" is being moved along by a horse,
but hopefully you understand what I'm getting at! Do
you have to pre-set an odometer on the watch, I don't
recall anyone saying that. And so then I would have to
measure my horse's stride...how??? And if you are
changing pace from walk to trot to canter to trot to
walk, etc...how accurate is the reading (since the
stride is always changing length).
I'm going to get some coffee now. :)

I have the Timex GPS and yes it has the odometer....plus a speedometer. You can set it on monitor and it will display mph as well as distance traveled. It has a separate odometer to keep track of cumulative mileage. I REALLY like mine...it is very easy to use. I strapped the transceiver to the pommel and the watch to the breastcollor. You can wear the watch but then if you dismount it resets if you get to far away from the horse.

Melanie Snowhite
Poway, CA.