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Re: [RC] 2nd Hand GPS? - AprJhn

Hi, Kristene,

My recommendation for a basic GPS is a Garmin eMap. It can be had for about $130 on eBay. Not sure about shipping to SA, though. :) The eMap is the cheapest (Garmin) unit that can use an external antenna. And you'll want that. I mount my external antenna to the tip of my helmet to get the most satellite reception I possibly can. Losing satellite reception is a common problem, so minimizing that is a definite plus. I think you can get an external antenna for the eMap for $30 off eBay. I use nickel metal hydride rechargable batteries in my Garmin V (high end handheld GPS) and they work just fine.

Usually, the only things that will come with the GPS is the GPS unit and the cord to connect it to the computer. The external antenna is sold seperately. Software can be had for free online. And the manual can be found online, too. Don't get the unit without the cord. Make sure the auction states that it comes with the cord, or you might be disappointed. The receiver will still work, but part of the fun is downloading the info to the computer and looking at your track and letting the computer calculate your final speed and distance.

I never go on a training ride without my GPS. Even if I never look at it while riding. Sometimes I just don't feel like looking at it and/or I don't really care how fast or far we go, just want to put it in my training log later.

I'm definitely a gadget girl. Got the HRM, the GPS, and an MP3 player. :) My husband's really into GPS receivers and got me into the GPS. A friend I went riding with a few times (before getting hurt and refusing to come ride with me with a broken leg ;)) let me borrow her HRM (I'd never even seen one before) and got me hooked on that. And the MP3 player is for the sometimes boring training miles. :)

April (in training for endurance)
Nashville, TN

Kristene Smuts wrote:

OK, I have a lull in work here at the office so thought I'd follow up on the toys and tools thang ;-)) Did a search on Ebay for GPS and there are lots to choose from. So, I did a search on RC archives for suggestions on which GPS is recommended for endurance and one or two suggestions came up, BUT that was way back in 2000. So, if I do eventually decide on buying one 2nd hand (our prices for new ones are WAY too much here in So. Af.), what components have to accompany the unit and do any of you have suggestions for a basic model?

BTW, in my search, I came across this typo from Truman
"I was developed for military operations ...." ;-)))


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[RC] 2nd Hand GPS?, Kristene Smuts