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[RC] Kick Chains - Celeste Murray

Hi Bonnie

I also had a mare that would attempt to dig her way to china any time she
was left alone. I read about kick chains in a magazine, I was NOT happy at
the idea of putting chains on those spindly arab legs (this is no flame just
my view :-)) but the IDEA sounded promising and I eventualy got the same
results but tying an empty plastic bottle to her leg, worked great and my
mind was at ease :-)


From: "Bonnie Davis" <horsecamping@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC]   [RC] Horse bonding and bad manners

For pawing.....

1) Try hobbling front feet only.  A horse will soon figure out they can't
paw because of the hobbles.  Once they stop.  Just put a couple straps
around ankles.  Some horses think they have hobbles on and don't paw even
though they are not hobbled.  For those that figure out they just have
straps on and return to pawing.....

2)  Try 'kick chains'.  A strap around the ankle with about 12 inches of
light chain attached.  When the horse paws (or kicks) the chain snaps the
horse's leg.  He does it to himself.  Soon understands that pawing (or
kicking) can hurt.

Not everyone will like that idea -- I know.

But have a friend who's horse could kick out barn wall faster than they
could be repaired or paw a hole big enough for the trailer to fall into --
so we put kick chains on the mare.  After about three hours of kicking and
scaring herself with that constand snap on the leg -- she realized that
kicking hurt.  No one yelling at her.  She just stopped.  On the front legs,
she quiet pawing too but then got to sniffing the chain and if it was there,
wouldn't paw.  Take 'em off and she'd paw.  Whenever tried to the trailer,
she wears kick chains.  You want to talk about conversation starters.....

Also, some horses will paw when tied to one side of the trailer and won't
paw when tied to the other side of the trailer.

Bonnie Davis

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