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Re: [RC] HRM's and loose girths - AprJhn

I don't ride with quite that loose of a girth. But to get the electrode to work on my horse, I have to tighten the girth way more than I want to. Not sure if that's a symptom of my particular girth or not. I use a neoprene western girth with an Abetta saddle. I had some 1/4" tacky tack material left over from making a saddle pad. I cut out small squares about the size of the eletrode. Then put 4 of them together to get about an inch thick. I place that between the girth and the velcro underneath where the electrode is. That pushes out the electrode further than just at the girth line and I get a much better reading without tightening the girth as much as I have to without the tacky tack squares. Not sure if it would work in your case, but it's something to think about. Cheaper than a new girth or those stick on electrodes (Unless you're looking for an excuse to buy a new girth ;)). And you could use almost any thick material. I just happened to have some tacky tack material around and it works great because the squares kinda stick to each other and to the girth and don't slide out. Also, tightening the velcro strip as tight as I can get it helps the material from sliding out.

Nashville, TN

Celeste Murray wrote:


I need some help. I also ride with a loose girth, into the ride once my
saddle pad settles I can often fit a flat hand between the horse and the

How do I keep my HRM from losing contact? and ideas?


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[RC] HRM's and loose girths, Celeste Murray