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[RC] a panacur purge question - heidi sowards

I searched the archives and still have some concerns. When
I got Ash he came off a 100 acre pasture with about 10
other horses, previously had been on 100 acres with the
mares/foals about 30+ horses. I doubt he'd been on any kind
of a deworming schedule as he also didn't have reg. foot
care. I dewormed him with Quest a couple of months after I
got him. He has mouth issues which we are working on, so
last night I gave him one dose of panacur in his oats/beet
pulp and he ate it. (I didn't double as he's not had reg.
deworming and I was worried about the impact of such a
large dose. I also didn't want him to waste 2 doses if it
turned out he wouldn't eat it.) Didn't have to worry there,
he didn't spill a drop. So, with his history, should I
start doubling his dose for 4 more days? Just do 5 days at
one dose each day? I got the Safeguard for cattle in the 4
dose syringe. Not sure what the % is. He's had loose stool
pretty much since I got him, he's an easy keeper, cleans up
all I feed him, drinks a ton of water, I haven't had a
fecal checked. He's on a "barely" pasture with one other
horse that I will also being purging. Any advice
appreciated, and sorry if this has been discussed to death,
I just couldn't find my particular situation.

Heidi-aerc#M20935  /\_/\~    http://www.synjinarts.com
                ~~/~~  \\~~~~   (Wildlife/Western & Equine
                 /   O> ) \~~~~~    Art)
                /    __/   \~~~~~~
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