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Re: [RC] regional awards question - Joe Long

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 12:13:20 -0800, "Steph Teeter"
<steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

How do you folks feel about the following - concerning AERC regional awards?

Currently it doesn't matter where you ride, only which region you belong to.
Theoretically a rider can earn a regional award w/o doing any rides in the
region of residence.

What are your feelings on this - pros and cons? Should there be any
limitation on the number of out-of-region rides or miles that can be applied
to regional awards?

This has been considered in the past.  The reason it's done this way
is that many AERC members live near Regional boundaries, and split
their rides among different Regions.  Riders who go to more than one
multi-day ride usually go to multi-days in different Regions.  They
couldn't compete successfully for Regional awards against the people
who do all or most of their rides in one Region, if the awards were
given based on the Region the rides are held in rather than the Region
the rider lives in.

With the current system, no matter where you live, you can go and ride
wherever you wish, and know that the points count toward your Region's

When considering a change like this, also watch out for unintended
consequences.  For example, if the system is changed, riders wouldn't
be able to count points from multi-days held outside the Region they
normally ride in, which could hurt attendance at multi-day rides.


Joe Long

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[RC] regional awards question, Steph Teeter