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Re:Re: [RC] hundred milers & fear of the dark - rides2far

But then, my plan is to find a hundred miler which I am likely to 
finishbefore dark. Perhaps Sun River.
But it will happen.... and if any of ou see me out on the trrail, just 
dropbreadcrumbs or something I can follow....

Try checking the course & manager out instead. I did my first 100 at Longleaf 
in Mississippi. They had a good set up in that you did 10 miles of dirt road 
twice early in the morning before daylight. Next you did 60 miles of trails, 
then repeated the 20 miles of road after dark. They weren't especially good 
about marking their trails, but so long as you got out of the woods you could 
have done that road section with your eyes closed. The horses knew the turns 
and it was cool.  Biltmore is good that way too. You do the last 12 mile 
section twice and they mark it great...lots of glowsticks. I usually do it the 
first time in mostly daylight, so the 2nd time the horse knows the deal.

Some managers have the "get tough or die" attitude. Avoid them. Find a ride 
manager who has a lot of compassion for their riders and wants to do all they 
can to keep you safe & happy. A manager who has done 100's themselves will 
better understand what makes things easier for you.

On the "staying up to cheer someone" thread...the first year they had the 
Biltmore 100 there was a woman who wanted in the LD but both the LD & the 50 
were filled...so she decided to try the 100! That was the year the lower trails 
flooded and the whole ride was re-routed on the ridges. I had a broken 
collarbone and was there crewing. I decided that I would be the ONE person to 
stay up and cheer for her. I sat up with the vets till about 4:30 AM. She was 
the only one still out. Finally, a guy leads the horse in (vet check was in 
indoor arena, finish line back on the hill). I said, "Where's the rider?" and 
he said she handed him the horse at the finish line and went to bed. :-P  Oh 
well. I tried. 


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