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[RC] AERC drug policy - Steph Teeter

4) <I know RC has had this discussion before...> What
is/is not allowed in Joint Supplements? My current one
has Yucca in it, which I know is not allowed,>>

Just to clarify:

The AERC drug policy ONLY applies to competition. You can give your horse
anything you want except during competition (vet-in to post ride finish).
However, you need to be aware of withdrawal times for substances that will
test and/or stay in the system for any length of time. I believe bute can
stay in the bloodstream for weeks at some level of detection, and other
substances require several days. "It is advised that non-permissible
substances not be given within 96 hours of the competition to minimize any
likelihood of the substance being picked up on testing".

Here is a list of SOME examples of permissible and non-permissible


AERC: Permissible and Prohibited Drugs & Medications
**this list is non all-inclusive!!

Permissible substances (preceding and during competition):
*liniments that do not contain materials absorbed into the body (alcohol and
*foodstuffs known as nutrients
*nonabsorbable topical wound dressings
*ice and ice water
*compounds to synchronize estrus

Nonpermissible substances include:
*any substance by injection or stomache tube
*vitamins in megadoses
*nutrient substances administered in doses to achive a pharmacologic effect
(DMSO, DMG, yucca and MSM)
*any anti-inflammatory, stimulus, depressants, analgesia, or
analgesia-containing products such as procaine penicillin
*masking substances (sulpha drugs, benzimadole wormers, thiamine injections)
*liminments that contain DMSO, menthol or camphor

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Re: [RC] Assorted Newbie Questions..., Magnumsmom