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Re: [RC] [RC] Jockeys (was Riding Cavalry) - FancyNite

In a message dated 01/22/2003 10:31:29 AM Central Standard Time, finishis2win@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

BTW, for any aspiring crew people, crewing for a 50 and a 100 mile rider at
the same time works out pretty well. It keeps the single-person crew busy,
busy, busy, but rarely are the two horses in camp at the same time. It's
better than sitting around waiting for the 100 miler to come in.

Hey Deanna,

Maybe I should start a CREW service... Forget the riding and just crew?

I DON'T THINK SO!  lol  But if I can't ride for whatever reason.... You bet your booty I will crew.  My father was the best crew ever known to man... I have been told I learned from the best (and proud of it).  I have crewed for as many as 6 riders at one time... WOW that was a total blast and let me tell you, pumping up a rider and horse is as much fun being a crew as it is being a rider... cuz your riding too!

Hey, by the way, I think this is a good year for you to try a 50.... If I am not riding I WILL CREW for you!  We'll have fun!  Will you stay up all night for Savage and I? <eg>

Now I have the riding "shakes".... lol
Must go play with the horses for a minute... to darn cold to ride!  (If the beer freezes in the barn that is a definite sign it is to cold to ride.)

Take care,