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Re[2]: [RC] HRM's and loose girths - Roger Rittenhouse

I know other have done this also, I found it not to be so reliable.
Since MOST of my work is at a trot I need the trot readings to ber
I have not tried this for a few years , maybe with my current saddles
it may work. BUT if the saddle moves due to a loose girth -then it
wont work.

When I rode the Othroflex - I installed the transmitter and electrodes
in the saddle booties and the girth -worked ok - but the saddle did
I may test out your method with my Skito -- that is the only pad we

Roger R

ED> I also ride with a loose girth and so do a number of my  friends.  What
ED> I do is put one electrode under the saddle pad on the left at about 10
ED> o'clock, and the other (long lead)on the right under the saddle pad as
ED> near to the cinch attachment as possible.  This works well at a walk and
ED> standing and at a gentle canter.  Since you are depending on your weight
ED> on the saddle to maintain contact, at a trot you get some erroneous
ED> readings, I presume from saddle bounce.  It works well for waking in and
ED> pulsing down.  Readings no so reliable trotting. Have seen some with
ED> equalizer or similar saddle pads run electrode wires inside the pad,
ED> with exit point at desired electrode position, and monitor sender unit
ED> also inside the pad at the front of the saddle.  That way the whole unit
ED> can be stripped off at vet checks and it all stays together with no
ED> rewiring required, and no exposed wires to get caught on anything. Easy
ED> to put bakc on.

ED> Wayne Delbeke

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[RC] HRM's and loose girths, Roger Rittenhouse
Re: [RC] HRM's and loose girths, Elaine Delbeke