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Re: [RC] 100 milers(job survey, etc.) - Cindy Collins

I am a special education teacher in Cody, WY.  Trust me...our salaries are
very low, even for this area.  I work extra jobs in the summer so I can
afford to ride.  So, I work a full day job.  I also am a volunteer
instructor with a therapeutic riding program and I coach three seasons of
Special Olympics.  Soooo, if I can find time, you can, too.  From comments
on RC, many of you train much more than I do.  I ride very little in the
winter.  If I get in one long ride or one dressage lesson a week, I'm
really happy and there are many weeks due to our weather, when I don't
ride at all.  Even when I start seriously conditioning in March, I only
get in two short rides during the week and one long one on weekends, if
all goes well.  I use my first couple of 50s as training rides.  You just
slow down to the level of your conditioning.  If your horse can do a 50 in
the middle of the pack, he can do a slow 100 miler with no problems.  It
is mental, as so many pros have said.  I've completed eighteen 100 milers
during my career.  On two of those it was the horse's first competition. 
There were no problems.  I just went to finish.  I would be thrilled to
"mentor" anyone who wants to come ride the Big Horn 100.  I would also
"pre-ride" sections with anyone who wants to come early enough.  Hope to
see y'all there.  Cindy

I would be interested in knowing how many of my
fellow RideCampers are
self-employed and how many hold down regular day
jobs. And if you do hold
down day jobs, how do you get away from work to
travel to a ride? 
I'm a fulltime physician/surgeon, but not self-employed.? I'm lucky in
that I can afford to travel and care for two wonderful horses.? Would
Manny and I be ready for a 100 miler if I didn't work full-time??
Doubtful.? If anything, I think my job keeps me from overdoing it or
pushing too hard.? We manage 3-4 rides a week weather permitting and I
spend? most of my vacations either at LD rides or camping with the
horses.? Sure I would love to someday do a 100 miler!? We're chipping away
at the training.? We're planning several more challenging LD rides (more
hills, more weather) this season and a 50 in the fall if all goes well.? I
cannot complain, I have a wonderful life and wonderful companions.? Isn't
that what its all about? Jennifer.


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