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[RC] Jockeys (was Riding Cavalry) - k s swigart

Deanna said:

Now, if FEI and international events ever shifts their focus to the horse
like our AERC events or even Thoroughbred racing (does anyone remember who
rode Secretariat?)

Ron Turcotte.

Believe it or not, in the TB world, the riders are
remembered more than the horses if for no other reason than
that they have longer careers :).

One need only look at the relatively few names of jockeys
that there are on winning horses to understand that at least
the racing world understands that you can't just put any old
hack up.

Cigar (I am sure you have heard of him) was, by comparion, a
fairly unimpressive also ran until they put Jerry Bailey on

And I still say that Pat Day was the wrong Jockey for Easy
Goer. :)

It is only the unitiated public who has no appreciation for
the capabilities of the jockey.  Jockeys are probably the
most unappreciated athletes in the world.

And to understand jut how much strength, agility, and
athleticism it requires, one need only notice that despite
the fact that they SHOULD have the advantage because of
their on average smaller stature, there are virtually no
women who are successful jockeys.

It is most definitely NOT the case that one jockey is as
good as the next.

I am not advocating the concept of dividing up the
"competing in endurance" task to that of specialization of
all the participants.  I am, in fact, a strong proponent of
the concept that what it means to be a successful endurance
competitor is to select, condition, and train the horse
yourself; care for it yourself; ride it yourself; choose the
competitions yourself; etc.

However, I don't see how you can make a rule that says you
have to do everything yourself, nor do I think it takes
anything away from the accomplishments of those that don't.

Orange County, Calif.

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