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Re: [RC] 100 milers - Lysane Cree

One hundred mile rides define endurance in my mind.
While I am very much a newbie, my ultimate goal is to
do 100 milers, regardless of how long it takes for me
to get there. It may be awhile yet because I may or
may not have a horse to "borrow" this summer and this
horse is a beginner too, and I finally have a horse of
my own again, but she is only 9 months old. So either
way, it will be awhile yet, but 100 miles is my goal.
Not that my first 25 miles was a piece of cake either
:)  but if I can do 100 miles then I will know that I
will have achieved my personal fitness goals as well
as the ones for my horse. 

Monica Woodman monica_woodman@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

For what its worth, I started riding endurance at
the end of 1999 and my
goal has been and continues to be 100 milers, with
Tevis being my
aspiration.  I haven't made it to a 100 miler yet,
but that is what I am
working towards and sure hope all you ride managers
and 100 mile riders keep
on keeping on, so those of us who haven't joined
your ranks, can still do
so.  You have my utmost respect and admiration and I
won't consider myself a
true endurance rider until I can complete 100 milers
with a happy and
healthy horse :-)

But I wholeheartedly
agree that whatever we can do, to at least get back
to the highpoint of 100
miler entries is a goal well worth pursuing for AERC
and endurance riders in

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