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Re: [RC] wish I had said that! - DVeritas

In a message dated 1/19/2003 1:25:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

 There are people out there who probably
would love to be able to ride 50s or 100s, but they are 
unable to do so.
Think about it.

   I am married to a superb horsewoman...someone who has taught me so very 
much about horses, but even more about living with grace.
   She used to ride 50's and 100's and ALWAYS did very well.  She remembers 
them with unbelievable fondness.
   For her, "endurance riding" is now measured in "how long", rather than "how 
far."  An hour or two in the saddle, maybe once every six weeks, requires 
unfathomable effort. 
   But, she does it.
   Multiple Sclerosis changed her life, altered her dreams and has taught me 
to never take ANYTHING for granted.
   Sometimes, even riding a hundred miles is not "true" endurance and, 
sometimes, (for some folks), "to TRY is to WIN."
   Maybe "true endurance" is better defined by the effort required by the 
rider or horse to meet the challenge of that particular day...irrespective of 
the distance ridden.
   Sometimes, riding endurance without grace is just riding a horse a long 
way, and nothing more.

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