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[RC] swollen back leg - Teresa Van Hove

My mare Shade scraped her right back leg below the hock overnight on
tuesday and its pretty swollen and hot.  I haven't called my vet as
I dont know that there's anything to have him do for it - she
scraped the hide off in a couple of places and must have bruised a
lot of tissue to cause the heat and swelling, but there's nothing to
stitch, she didn't scrape beyond the skin level and I dont know if
he could even get a good ultrasound with 

I've iced the leg twice.  I should try to ice it 2x/daily or more
but have run been running out of light.  She is not lame walking on
it, nor when she took off yesterday after being messed with.  I have
not trotted her to get a good lameness grade -just know she is
definitely sound at the walk.  Last fall I gave her bute 1x daily
for about a week cuz she had gotten very swollen a on front upper
leg from a pigeon fever abcess and was very sore -AND she quit
eating overnight the 7th day and had a round of cimetidine -the
cimetidine got her eating again right away but I decided I didn't
want to be giving her oral bute unless there was a very good reason. 

I gave her a shot of IV bute yesterday morning -her leg was swollen
that night anyway and I  found I am not real comforatable about
giving her a lot of IV shots, even though I didn't experience any

So I'm wondering if I should:

A) Only ice the leg and very light work to help bring swelling down
B) give oral bute with cimetidine or
C) give her a couple more days of IV bute
D) give her bute and antibiotics? 

If any of you has dealt with similar type things and have a protocol
you'd recomend I'd be happy to have some input on what would be the
best thing to do.  You can email me directly at tvanhove at (sign)
direcway.com  or this email addy . 

Teresa Van Hove


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