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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] New to sport too - Diane - Laurie Durgin

North Ga. here. Rascal(fullarab, and Scout, just 2, 1/2 arab ,1/2 Apen.QH get fullbear coats. Honey 1/2 arab(98%),and Champ TB get hardly anything but a little fuzz undercoat.I have to clip Rascal , because he gets so wet and dirty, grooming takes more than riding and he'll sweat (but only in winter!!!) too much , and cooling down would take too long. The hair could add another hour or so to grooming, cooldown time, blanketing is easier for me.Honey shivers if wet, and Champ loves a stall. They have a large overhang shed , and I used to open their stalls (before the barn flooded this year). I think it is more genetics. Light also affects coat growth(and chicken laying too!), horses kept in artificial lights I believe don't grow as much coats (read that a couple of places).(course my barn has no lights (do skylights count?). Laurie

Hey. I'm in Florida and Sally(1/2 mustang 1/2 QH) and Sebastian(Paso)
grow HEAVY winter coats. Katie-mule grows a shag carpet for winter!  I
have to clip Sally for endurance.  Katie-horse doesn't get much of a
winter coat, but she is fine outside 24/7 rain or shine.  She never
gets blanketed either.  They just love the weather when it is in the
40's and 50's.
I am just assuming that you are more south than I am because we got a
lot of cold days last year (for a FL winter).  There was a period of
about two weeks that it went below freezing at night - right after I
clipped Sally...  She does get a light blanket when it gets below 40
(but she really is nekkid)!
Now, Sally DID get cold when we went to the Camp Osburn Pow Wow ride in
GA last year.  It was in the teens and we were breaking the ice on the
trails:O  She sure didn't like the icicles that formed on her whiskers.
 She didn't know what that was all about!  She got a big thick wool
blanket then.
My horses are used to staying out in the weather 24/7.  Maybe if you
keep your horses in a stall more - maybe that would have something to
do with not getting a winter coat?  Genetics?  Length of days?  Feed?
Someone once told me that you can feed corn to keep their coats slick
and shiny in the winter???  Not sure if that is true or not.  Guess it
could be a lot (or not) of different things that could cause lack of
winter coat.


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