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Re: [RC] [RC] knee pain and riding downhills - Deanna German

I'm far from an expert, but I ran into the same thing when I first started
picking up speed on the downhills, particularly when I started doing more
trotting last fall.

What helped me was a combination of lengthening my stirrups by a 1/2 inch
and learning to ride to spread the impact of the trotting over a larger area
-- my inner thighs to be exact. Someone here offered that they concentrate
their body weight on their thighs and that seemed to make sense for me. I
also really work on leaving my knees loose, not gripping, not bracing due to
advice I got here.

I use an Ortho-Flex endurance cutback and where the stirrups hang seems to
be the optimal position for me, espcially with the additional 1/2 inch of

But, my mare has also always been pretty good on downhills, she's developed
this sort of slidey, trippy, scoot on down the hill gait that makes it
pretty easy for me. (Go figure, since she's got a long back and long legs.)

I too take ibuprophen before the ride start, but no more than 400 mg. Every
vet check, I pop a couple more. Before the start, I have my "breakfast of
champions" which consists of ibuprophen, a Zantac, a decongestant and an
iced-coffee drink. I wear a Camelback to keep drinking from being a hassle
because I worry about putting all those drugs in me.

But at Spook Run last fall, my knees were screaming at me. So, I'm witcha,
babe. I hate being the weak link. Hang in there, you'll get it figured out.



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