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Re: [RC] Pull Codes - Heidi Smith

I don't mean to be a downer but everything comes back to money and ego.
Riders who have more to loose (business and clients) are the ones who
feel stigmatized about the pull codes.  As for me, I have no quams about
pulling or being pulled for lameness if my horse takes a mis-step or is
having a bad day and not recovering as well as he should.

Well, actually, I think it is the ones who think they maybe DO have
something to hide that feel stigmatized.  We are in the "business" to market
our geldings.  Two of our sale geldings have had lameness pulls this year.
One stepped in a grate and cracked open his coronet band--a "duh" on my part
as I was the one riding.  The fact that he went on to complete sound four
weeks later and has logged a total of 205 miles of completions in the 2-1/2
months since speaks for itself.  The other tripped in rocks and had a
periosteal bruise on the front of his cannon (I'm amazed he stayed on his
feet--more credit to his athleticism!)--and again, the fact that he came
back less than a month later to a 6th place finish, sound, and won a Sport
Horse Under Saddle class at a show the following week, and ran a sound 2nd
place two weeks after the horse show again speaks for itself.  I wasn't sure
if the stepping in a grate one was going to be listed as a L or an RO-L--but
it never occurred to me to ask, and quite frankly I don't care.  Again, any
stigma is in the mind of the rider, IMO, and if the consequences of your
record speak for themselves, THAT is where the real story lies.  Stuff
happens out there, horses get pulled, and it is in the aftermath of the
pulls where the reputation is earned.

So I guess, Carrie, what I am saying is that it isn't about the money--it is
ALL about the ego.



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Re: [RC] Pull Codes, Stewart, Carrie