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Re: [RC] [AERC-Members] Announcement from Horse Welfare Committee - oddfarm

John, I like the general idea here but I would like to see it expanded. If the welfare committee wants to be a sounding board, I want to hear it, also.
First of all, not everybody does things the way everybody else does. You could be bombarded with frivolous, petty crap. In fact, I'm betting you will be. As a volunteer for our equine SPCA we get calls all the time about such silly stuff. "riders who are perceived as pushing their horses too hard." That in itself will open a whole 55 gallon drum of worms.
Second, this only deals with individuals, when in fact, you could reach many more people in a general discussion. Daily on ridecamp, and the AERC forum there are questions about feeding, training, e-lyting,shoeing and so on. There seems to be just as many in the dark, as in the know. There are many riders who don't know how to prepare their horse for the task at hand. They don't see themselves as "yahoo' riders, but rather just trying to fit into the sport. I am not talking about the real knotheads who know exactly what they are doing and don't care, but the riders you will be trying to reach. They want to do the right thing, they just need a little guidance.
The rider that has been pulled 4 times in a row for back soreness. Maybe they need help with saddle fit. The horse that has a difficult time recovering in time may need a different training schedule, or to lose some weight. The horse that is lame more often than not might need a different shoeing schedule, different shoe or a maybe some x-rays.
If it is truly a case of abuse, it needs to be protested and punishment dealt accordingly. If it is a case of not knowing then you could approach it this way.
Take the comments made by whomever, and put it in a general question or statement. Then let whoever on the committee is best suited to answer or reply do so either in EN, RC or AERC Forum or better yet, on all three. That way WE ALL get the info. We don't have to know who it is about, or what ride it occurred at etc,. It would kinda be like a Dear Abby column. Then, if you get the same complaint about the same individual, you could address that accordingly and be a bit more "coercive" as you put it.
Or maybe the education committee could address the general comments to the general membership and if it continues, the welfare committee could address the individual.
And even if the individuals you are trying to reach don't see themselves in the general comments, maybe someone else will BEFORE any problems arise.
And I thought we had some kind of a mentor program? Maybe you end your comments with "and for anybody looking for a mentor, please contact whoever and we will hook you up".
I don't understand why we have such a hard time sharing information. I don't even know why we had to separate RC and AERC forum. So what if you are not a member. If there is something that can help ANY rider become a better horseperson, that is for the welfare of the horse. We don't need to look up pull codes, rider stats, horse stats and the like. We just want to be educated and the best horsemen and women we can be.
The example with Darolyn's horse was a perfect opportunity to teach us all something. I don't need to know so much about what happened at the ride. I do need to know what the protocol was for treatment for the ailment she described. Even if the horse didn't die from what the owner said, it still presented a unique situation. If some of our vets would have chimed in and said, "IF this happens, this is what we MIGHT recommend and here may be some alternatives." Instead, we got nothing. Nothing helpful and nothing educational. Except of course, from Heidi and Kim. If I am going to be totally responsible for my horse, I need all the help I can get in making the best educated decisions for my horse.
I can't do that when all I get is blank stares.
One more than one occasion I have been accused of being ignert.
Educate ME!
Just food for thought, even though no one can eat my cooking! ;)
Lisa Salas, The Oddf aRM

[RC] Announcement from Horse Welfare Committee, Oldwaggy