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Re: [RC] Biltmore/favorite completion! - Jim Holland

Angie....me,too! I GOTTA remember that "idiot, imbecile, moron" school
story you told.  I'm still laughing everytime I think about it! I must
have missed another good one on the third loop when we were walking down
that long grassy hill....I was way down at the bottom and heard Cindy
and Flinn laughing all the way down! It was a whole lot more fun than
the stress of running for Top Ten. <grin> I think all our guys just gave
up and thought we were trail riding! Cindy kept over running turns and
we would make her "go to the rear" everytime she missed one! Another
time, we were fast trotting down River Road relaxed and talking when
Magic spooked at a tree and did a horizontal "boink" of at least 6
feet...I was hanging on by a boot toe! Cindy 'bout fell off laughing at
ME! I, however, was not amused! Put a hitch in my git-a-long! Won't need
a chiropractor for a while....at least he didn't get me off!

Angie didn't mention the bees (yellow jackets) on the first loop. At
that time, Angie and Josie were ahead of us. There were 3 of us
following a little way behind about 6 other riders. I was in front,
followed by Flinn, then Cindy. Cindy "discovered" <g> them and hollered
"BEES!", but there was no where to go on the single track.  Just behind
us was another group of riders in some "S" bends. We were all hollering
at them, but somehow, one of the other riders encountered them...they
were REALLY POed at this point....and she got bucked off. Her horse took
off.  We stopped and tried to catch him, but he was still being stung
and having no part of it, and headed on down the trail ahead of us. A
little while later, we met Angie and Josie coming back leading the loose
horse back to her rider. Good job on the capture, Angie....and I'm sure
your "good samaritan" help was appreciated!

The weather, by the way, was SPECTACULAR, and the trails dry and fast.
Only way it could have been better was if I had finished! <sigh> Magic
WILL get there soon as we get his saddle problems solved.

Joan and my friend Lynn Porter crewed for FIVE horses...two in the 30
and 3 in the 55....everybody else finished in great shape! This was
Lynn's first "crewing"....think he's hooked...in addition, he plays
great Mandolin! Thanks, you guys!

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

I used to ?endurance ride?. Then for several years I ?endurance raced?, then 
we started hurrying for ?first junior? today we were back out there to 
?endurance ride? and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven?t laughed so much on 
the trail in I don?t know when. We were riding along with Jim Holland, Cindy 
Young, Flynn? (the one with the dirty dreams Jim?) and Alice Farren (sp?) 
Everybody was laughing and having such a good time that when at one point we 
started getting ahead of them Josie finally spoke up (she?s very quiet on the 
trail) and said, ?Mom, let?s stay with them. They?re fun!? So we dropped back 
behind. They were going a better pace for us than Kaboot's idea of "Picking 
it up" anyway.


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[RC] Biltmore/favorite completion!, rides2far