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Re: [RC] [RC] electrolytes - rackinfool

I don't see any reason to be confused at all.
Heidi is riding her horse smart obviously and the horse is getting electrolytes from a natural source. Makes perfect sense to me and a job well done I might add.
And yes, Nik, this is definitely food for thought on the subject. Glad it has caused you to think on it.
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Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2003 11:30 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] electrolytes

Hi Heidi,
6000 competitive miles!Dr Heidi Smith!No electrolyte!I am thoroughly and
utterly confused!
This is interesting.Can you expand further.I mean a horse is a horse whether
it is ridden in Montana,down in Florida or inKuala Lumpur.Accepted that
there exist individual variation in sweating and ability to conserve
internal millieu.But 6000 competitive miles are still 6000 competitive
miles.I will probably be more conservative with my electrolyting going by
your experience.


>From: "Heidi Smith" <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: <steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,"Scott Johnson"
>Subject: Re: [RC]   electrolytes
>Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 23:29:23 -0600
> > The biggest problem I see with administering electrolytes is that there
> > seems to be an attitude that giving more electrolytes will make up for
> > riding too fast. I believe some horses can compete at the top w/o
> > electrolytes, I also believe that it is wise to  replace salts that are
> > during competition with electrolyte dosing, BUT - if the horse is ridden
> > beyond it's natural ability, or beyond it's level of training and
> > preparation, then no amount of electrolytes or probiotics or carbos will
> > help the horse. In fact, they might actually cause more harm than good.
> > can't get back what has already been lost (electrolytes, glycogen) w/o
> > adequate rest.
>Bingo, Steph.
>And I might add that one has to take into account the differences between
>individual horses, the differences in climate, weather changes, etc. in
>determining whether to lyte, and how much to lyte if you do.
>I will preface this statement by saying that I actively select for horses
>that are extremely efficient eaters and drinkers, and that I also select
>from family lines that are already proven to be able to compete without
>lytes.  That said--I have yet to lyte a horse in nearly 6000 miles of
>competition.  Some of that has been slow, but a fair amount has been
>actively racing.  In that time, I've had only two metabolic pulls, both
>in the 70s, and in retrospect both due to ignorance in feeding practices.
>I've ridden in SOME rides where humidity combined with heat was a factor
>(and a lot of HOT rides without the really extreme humidity).  And my
>horses' bloodwork, when done, has been good.
>As a ride vet, I HAVE treated horses that have been either over-lyted or
>incorrectly lyted, if you prefer.  It CAN and DOES happen.  Maybe it
>happen in the SE--but it sure happens up here where it is cooler.
>E-lytes have a profound physiological effect--and I think one should try to
>understand HOW they work in the body before one goes overboard on
>administering them.  They can be profound both in their lack and in their
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