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Re: [RC] back pain - rackinfool

Amanda, I am so glad you posted this. My feeling exactly!
No amount of Chiro can relieve or heal a ruptured disc. And you are 100% correct, it can make it much worse.
So many ppl think that this type of back pain is due to bone structure going amuck. Wrong! in most cases it is a disc problem and yes! get it tended to ASAP.
I have permanent nerve damage down my right leg from a foot drop resulting in trying to "wait it out" with a horribly ruptured disc.
and from what I am reading, these women are suffering the "classic" symptoms of herniated disc problems.........worse at night, sitting, etc.
And if I may add my two cents worth, go see a Neurosurgeon, not an Orthopaedic Surgeon. The latter using saws, hammers, hacking away.
Whereas the Neuro can operate on an egg shell and never crack it. When I had my back surgery done, it was by a wonderful Canadian Neurosurgeon who at the time, in 1985, was way ahead of his peers in how he approached this surgery. I was out of the hospital in 48 hours and back to work in three weeks.
When someone is operating that close to my spinal cord, they best know what they are doing, and the Neurosurgeons have it hands down.
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From: A. Perez
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 10:54 AM
Subject: [RC] back pain

  Having had a severely ruptured disc, my advise to anyone
suffering chronic back pain is to get your physician to order an
MRI to rule out a herniated or ruptured disc.  Xrays cannot show
disc problems, and chiropractic adjustments, Rolfing etc *MAY*
make things worse.  Prolonged pressure on nerves from a ruptured
disc can cause irreversable nerve damage, so PLEASE get an MRI
done if back pain continues for more than a couple of weaks!

Been there, done that, have the scar to prove it!

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[RC] back pain, A. Perez