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Re: [RC] Nutrition - rackinfool

Hey, Atkins was a Cardiologist, but one with tons of smarts.
The thing I have been the most amazed about on this diet, aside from everything you have noted, is how the same holds true for our horses that we are making junk food junkies out them, jst like the 60% of Americans that are overweight and have no energy or desire to buck up. Hey a pun! good one amber, didn't even realize it until it plopped out of my keyboard. See, I have a sharper mind too now that I am off sugars! (save it howard)
Not only do I not need to nap anymore, I only require 5-6 hours of sleep per night. To me, this is amazing.
And, it is a way of life for me as well as a way of life for my horses taking all that carb crap out of their diet.
finally in my old age, the light bulb went on after I actually READ Atkins book and realized how hard our bodies have to work to metabolize sugars, which are carbs.
Now if only the horse loving people would realize this too, that FAT is what the horse needs for energy and reserve energy, not a quick spike of carbs. Susan...........
Great letter and testimony. And I still treat myself to a DQ small vanilla soft serve twice a month. Life is good.
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I am diabetic.  I have done the Atkins diet on and off for years.  I believe our society has become addicted to carbs...or at least the highly refined ones.  (I also think we are making our horses diabetic as well but that's another topic).  I have done the diet on and off mostly because yep, I am an addict big time and my worst addiction is milk.  I can drink a gallon of milk a day and exclude all other liquids, even water.  I had to give it up cold turkey because I can't drink just one cup!  I have cut down on the carbs I used to eat and for a lot of folks simply cutting out pop is the key for them.  But I DO have more energy, my blood sugars are finally stabilizing during the day within normal range and my fasting sugar is almost down to normal.  Yesterday I did have a hamburger WITH a bun....my blood sugar went up briefly then came right back down to normal.  This has not been so for me in the past.  Is it reasonable for me to try and do this the rest of my life?  Well, when I think of how good it feels to have energy at 3 or 4 or 5 p.m. and not feel like I will HAVE to have a nap or pass out at those times (because of HIGH sugars) and when I think of how I want to continue riding and be healthy for MANY years, then it is my choice just as smoking or drinking is for some....I don't want to give up this feeling and those wonderful NORMAL numbers even if I don't lose another ounce (I've only lost 6 # to date).  My sister is on the verge of going off insulin and only having to take a pill.  How cool is THAT?  I also bet our blood pressure will improve soon as well.  Another nice side effect!  :)  Nelson has lost over 10 pounds by the way and we just started a couple of weeks ago.
I see what I believe are insulin resistant horses frequently...when people follow my advice (most of it gleaned from my distance riding books, Ridecamp and Susan G., DVM), their horses improve.  Every time.  And when they don't, their horses start to have chronic laminitis, abcesses all the time, etc.  I have actually seen some of these horses develop large lumps of FAT.  Just like I did!!!  :)  Anyway, think about this....if we learned the truth (that Pop Tarts are NOT a heart healthy food because they might be low in FAT), then the cardiologists and nutritionists and all those other health professionals who make their living off of our UNHEALTHY eating habits and lifestyles would be out of business!!!  I am going to choke the next nutritionist (human not equine, Susan!) who tries to tell me I should follow the "pyramid" eating guide...I did and it made my diabetes WORSE.  OK, off of my soapbox now.  Sorry!!!  :)  
Miles of smiles,

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Re: [RC] Nutrition, SamahaArabians