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[RC] Rescue Remedy - CMNewell

I'll expand a bit on my previous post.

Do I think the amount of ethanol in RR as administered is sufficient to induce a change in behavior in a horse?
At the price of the stuff, it would be prohibitively expensive to get an equid drunk. Better to go with a fifth of Absolut.

I was merely bemused by the fervor with which folks were seeking to find whether minute quantities of this or that were prohibited, and were overlooking something that to me was pretty obvious. Sort of like worrying whether the peach in peach brandy would be a problem.

Do I think that the RR I ingested before my crash and burn was the cause? Nope.
But neither do I ascribe the many reported miraculous effects to the stuff, either.

I don't necessarily buy the "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" proof.
(Lest I be accused of pooh-poohing any but mainstream medicine, I will confess to being a graduate of the IVAS veterinary acupuncture course, a member of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association with a number of hours of herbal medicine CE, and I recently completed the first Tufts equine/canine chiropractic course)

Most, if not all, of the RR cases I have *seen* could be adequately explained by the "secondary placebo effect".
That is, the person using the stuff believes it will calm the horse/dog/child, therefore they relax, and therefore the subject relaxes.

I guess I'm simply too primitive to grasp the esoteric concepts of vibrational medicine yet.

                      --CMNewell, DVM
(pass the peppermint schnapps, please)


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