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[RC] Fw: Equine Nutrition - rackinfool

I think this report is very interesting. I cannot send it all at once to RC, so I will do so in installments.
It does support what I have found in my research for the past eight months, and that is that Fat is the key, not Carbs.
Since Strider colicked on beet pulp and all the other grains I was giving him, I have had him only on Stablized Rice bran, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, an occasional cup of steamed oats and a vitamin/mineral supplement. Along with free choice Moormans  Block. I have had no further problems.
Fat is what gives the energy, not carbs. Same with people, loading your body on carbs for a race gives you a quick fix, eat a good fatty and protein filled meal and you won't feel hungry or lacking for energy.

AAEP 2002: Recent Developments in Equine Nutrition
by: Sarah L. Evers, Editorial Assistant

A lot has happened in the field of equine research in the last five years.
Ginger Rich, PhD, of Rich Equine Nutritional Consulting in Eads, Tenn.; and
Leslie Breuer, PhD, of LH Breuer and Associates, updated veterinarians and
others who attended the Current Concepts in Equine Nutrition in-depth
session at the 2002 American Association of Equine Practitioners' (AAEP)
Convention. Not all of the research done from 1998-2002 could be included in
their presentation titled "Recent Developments in Equine Nutrition with Farm
and Clinic Applications," so Rich and Breuer chose what they felt were some
of the most important research findings.

To organize their presentation, they divided it into these topics--water;
energy; minerals; protein; vitamins; growth; broodmare nutrition;
performance horse nutrition; nutritionally related diseases; new products,
ingredients, and processing methods; and miscellaneous topics.

more to follow

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