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[RC] roaring, surgery, and recuperation - A. Perez

 Well, I buit the bullet and took Cyclone (aka Idiot Boy) to
the Marion Dupont Equine hospital in Leesburg VA for an
evaluation.  He has been a noisy breather since I got him 2+
years ago, and seems to be getting increasingly exercise
intolerant.  The hospital was impressive, and I'd like to go
back sometime for a full tour.  For any of you who ever go to
this hospital please note that it is not co-located with the
Moravan Park equestrian center (which is what the kind folks at
the Leesburg Visitors Center will tell you!).   After getting
the correct directions at the Equestrian Center, we rolled in 
45 minutes late for our appointment, but they took us anyway. 
Cy was great!  For a horse that hasn't been stalled in over two
years, he could not have been better about walking into a
strange, big building, though doors and into an exam room with
stocks and other strange equipment and horses.  He and I both
wanted to check it all out!  He even was pretty good about being
scoped - with the hlep of a twich.  Gives new meaning to the
expression 'up your nose with a rubber hose!  It took only a
minute to determine that Cy is indeed a roarer, grade 4/4 (I
assume that means 4 out of a possible 4 points?).  Complete
paralysis on the left side.  Options are do nothing, tie-back
surgery, or a simpler surgery that involves removal of the vocal
chaords and other tissue, but no tie-back, and can be done
standing.  Both require two weeks stall-rest/hand walking
post-op and twice daily medication (some sort of drench that the
vet says would take two people to administer).  The second
procedure won't allow him to work 'at speed' but should provide
some releif.  I'd love to hear from anyone familiar with
surgical procedures for roaring and the pros and cons of the two

It's going to take awhile to save the $$ (need to pay off other
debts first) and arrange stabling. I'd like to take that time to
prepare Cy for the surgery and recuperation as much as I can.
Currently he is on 7-24 turn-out, and only gets grass in the
summer.  I'm assuming winter would be the best time for surgery,
as he'd be on grain and hay and the change in diet would be less
dramatic.  Any hints on how to prepare a horse for two weeks
stall confinement?  Should I start stabling him for short
periods in advance and gradually lengthen them?  I also would
like to do whatever I can to get him used to the medication
routine before hand: any of you vet-types out there who can
describe the procedure?  


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