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[RC] GERA Hot - Roger Rittenhouse

The ride last weekend was a normal Dawson Forest ride - almost. I have not
been there for 2 years. 
The best thing about this ride was the trails were great - the Dawson
Forest management should be given a big' at a-boy' for this trail. While
there were stones  on lots of the trail, the footing was great.
River crossing safe and sure. 
The RM and th GERA/SERA did a outsatading job of management.  Of course the
3 vets were the best in the SE.
HOT 95? humid 85% ?  real hot  BUT I do not beleive any horses were
treated. Completion rate was good inthe 25 but low in the 50. Not sure of
total riders 50 on the LD 30 on the 50miler??

We did the LD - Omni and I are still working out issues.
After the bad go at Cave Run last month I was not sure what our plan would
be for this year.
A summary of that bust, HOT rough trail , bad shoe job, saddle not fitting,
way too much slow walking resulted in not just a very sore back but RF
During all the ride as he was not doing right he took a number of bad steps
and stumbles. 
After the ride he had filling in the upper cannon - check lig area  plus a
mid cannon adema. Suspect a pull twist and hard knock on a rock or two. I
found small cuts.

After that ride I did  leg maintainance but the high filling did not go
down very fast.
Proved the saddle did not fit, switched saddles.
Jay Perry NR 1  shoer -- came up - fixed up the foot shoe problems - all 4
out of balance - lets say lots of issues. Many may have added to the lower
back problems.
Chiro accup vet came out did her work .

He felt fine was working moving great very sound. Doing well with heat
rides. I go out at 2PM or 3PM and ride in the heat.
All appeared well but some very slight high filling.
Off to the ride. Vet in I mentioned to the vet -- should really look at FR.
No problem noted.

LD left at 8am  11 mile loop. Of course we went a bit too fast but he was
doing very well, drank some but not enough. I gave PER WIN or Lyte Now
every hour- actaully I did it two times on loop 1.
Pulsed down and though the VC in about 5 minutes Doing well. Back at
trailer he picked at things - but would eat grass when we walked about. 
Left on 14 mile loop. Was riding with 2 other riders the whole day. We left
together. Drank well on that loop but did not eat when I got off and
Went strong all day felt good. Vetted out clean nothing wrong but C guts.
Not good for him
But he started to chow down at the trailer and all over camp. Returned to
normal in about 30 minutes after finish.
TIme 4:15  I think  a very nice ride.
Did my normal post ride leg work of ice and topical  agents.  Applied
un-warped poltice. Seemed OK . 

In the am noted the RF was filled more then the LF and  it just bothered
me. He was sound in the am.
Short tip home - only 3 hrs ride to this one.
Checked on Monday leg was still not right but he was sound and showed no
rection to palpatation.

Tues still not right, so made an  appointemtn for ultra sound.
Doc noted RR was not right on stones, a bit senseitive on the frog - Soles
on all 4 were fine, I use Crossapol hardner every day since we took off the
pads. I think it helped dry out his soles and toughen them.

Did a flex test- I never saw before. Put the RF toe on a 2 in block of
wood. The heel streches the ligiments and tendons - pick up the other
front. This is sort of like heel drops I do when doing streches for a run -
achealies tendon.
Was not lame at the trot.

Ultra sound. Was a great education session. He was not booked for the rest
of the day. so I got a great lesson in how to read ultra sounds. Really
great.  I should get a used one? nice tool .

Bad news of course-  he has some very slight 'strain' issues mostly inside
of the check ligiment and between the check and flexor. Not real tears but
small spots. He thinks it is all in the sheath. Since he is not lame this
is the probable case.
However, to prevent furture damage - he is out of work for 60 days. Bummer.

What am I doing to help this heal? We discussed shock wave treatment. But
the clinics that have the machine try to make all the investment on a few
.. way too much $$ like $800  total plus travel. He would need 3 shots 2
weeks apart. Really cuts down healing time but too costly. 

As Doc Wilson says we will do topical voodoo. NO STERIODS.
I will use DMSO and the TCM herbs. I will also use my pulsed electro
induction magnetic boot. (Centurion)
These do work. So now I get to see how much it will help - I have to do two
20 min sessions per day.

Sure has been a very bad past year for us. Just when we are almost ready
for getting back to 50 milers... crap happens? 
So no rides for Sept/ Oct.  I have to take him back for another study the
end of Oct.

Sure glad the weather was hot - had it been cooler we may have gone faster.

Now I have the time to get the holding barn area in order.. need stones and
a good cleanup and get it ready for the new horse if the pre purchase vet
exam is good.

So now we will go to a few of the rides and just work them. WIth no horse I
can take the business.
Will be at BSF.

Roger R


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