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RE: [RC] [RC] supracor - Libby & Quentin Llop

We have been using and selling supracor pads for 21/2 years. They are so superior to other pads that we never saddle a horse without one. Between us we have completed 2,950 competition miles with supracors with all "A"s on our back scores. We use the coolgrips without covers, both Hunter jumper and endurance. In addition to going from 3/4" to zero every time the horses shoulder blade swings back and needs the room, the squishing cells act as an air pump over the entire back.
   On some high, long withered horses the pad will rub the back of the withers, this is easily solved by cutting out a window there, won't hurt the pad at all. My husband is a vet/chiropractor and recommends this pad to most of his clients. The entire staff of our hunt use them.
   On the subject of the seat savers- If my husband does a 50 without one, he can barely walk from back pain the next day, with one- no pain at all. The 62 yr. old woman that rents a foxhunter from me three days a week does not want to see the horse get off the trailer without her "tushie cushie".
   The pads are guaranteed against breakdown for 2 years and while they are expensive (I sell them for quite a bit less then Recommended retail) I feel the benefits more than justify the cost.  Libby
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Hi Adelia,

I purchased the Supracor endurance model-doesn't come with a cover-this past spring. I've used it a dozen times for LSD conditioning but I'm not convinced yet that it was the best use of money. I was using it with an older  Wintec Endurance which rubbed my mare even with the Supracor pad. I've switched saddles and haven't done anything longer than 12miles with it and it has been ok but my vet/chiropractor and I noticed that two spots to the rear of the pad that were softer than the rest indicating breakdown in the integrity of the pad.( The chiropractor suggested I get a shock absorbing Thinline pad to use with it but I have contacted numerous suppliers in the US and Canada  and they haven't been able to get new stock or any calls back from the Thinline manufacturer so are going under the assumption that they are out of business or in trouble)I haven't given up on the Supracor yet and will try it with my new custom saddle when it arrives next month. Lately I've been using a new t hick sheepskin half pad in conjunction with a quilted dressage pad and that's been OK.  I have a Toklat coolback extra thick pad that has also been OK but like you I'm still open to other suggestions.

Good Luck,



>From: Adelia85@xxxxxxx
>To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [RC] supracor
>Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 07:26:42 EDT
>Has anyone used these saddle pad and saddle seat products? What was the
>experience and are they worth the money.

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