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RE: [RC] Problem Child - Val Nicoson

Just wanted you to know others are in the same boat as
you.  My mare was stable boarded and now resides at my
friend's place where I have her on 24/7 pasture rest
until Spring 2004...hopefully she will be able to be
Meanwhile my friend has me riding her experienced
endurance horse while she continues to condition and
begins competing on her younger horse.  She gets to
keep two horses conditioned and I get the saddle
time/experience and get to compete with my friend.  In
the past two months have completed my first-ever 25
mile LD ride alongside my friend.  Boy was I worn out!
But happy too!
Do you have a pasture for your mare?  If so perhaps
you could eventually look into getting a rescue or
another horse in the future.
Am only on archives too so can't send a reply directly
to you.  Good luck...seems lots of folks have more
than one horse needing conditioning and would
appreciate a rider.
Val + Sania

Where are you located? maybe somebody has a horse
that needs riding? I know there are more like me out
there, 1 rider, 2 horses under saddle, 2 at the
trainer and 1 more for next year lol

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Ron Lerma 
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 9:15 PM
Subject: [RC] Problem Child

Well, Iv'e been a newbie for almost three years and
for some reason or another have never ever made it to
an event. Something always stops me. First, it was not
having a trailer and not knowing anyone else who rode
endurance in my area. OK. Bought a trailer. Then I got
pregnant and got Toxemia. Ok. Baby is 9 months old and
horse is once again fit enough to do a LD. 3 days
before the ride she pulls a suspensory ligament. It
has been four months of hand walking and now she is
worse than ever. Vet came back out yesterday and did
x-rays. Got the news today. My mare will never be
sound again. I can't afford another horse and mine is
only 12 and I could never sell her. I guess it will be
a while before I get out to a competition. Man, this
sucks! It could be worse though. She could be dying.
At least I can still spend time with her. She will be
a great horse for my daughter!  -JodieL

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