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[RC] the buddy thing - RENESPONY

thanx everyone for the responses to the buddy problem. so here is the update.
of course some of you may have cursed the buddy. the horse has been lame for 
the last 8 days.
like your suggestions, and like we all tried to tell her, the horse will come 
up lame from the pounding he gets.
well sort of "thanks" to a 3rd person, i got some things off my chest with 
we have come to a little understanding that we do one big training ride a 
week together and the rest of our conditioning is up to  each of us and our own 
schedule and preferences.
since her endurance horse was out of commission, she has been riding her 
green, 3 yro quarter horse,(not endurance) and trying to get out on little 
rides with her; boy has her attitude changed when she is the one getting left 
in the dust, and her horse dances.
the riders split up, left her behind, galloped ahead of her, then left her by 
herself most of the way home. she had the ride from hell on a nervous young 
now she sees what its like to have someone ride up her butt and run past her, 
bump her out of the way, travel too fast for the group, change the plan when 
already out in the woods, etc.
so she has been left to ride with me, slow, easy, watching out for her, 
keeping a safe pace, sticking to the plan; i got trail manners and she has 
that a relief in her current situation.
she has also accepted the plan for me not to ride with her at our next event.
but she did tell me that she liked traveling with me, and riding with me, so 
during our little fight last week i didn't  say a lot of things i wanted to, 
but the situation may have righted its self. that 3rd person i  mentioned let 
her have it last week, about some of the same problems, and most of it seems to 
have sunk in a little. she sat on the sidelines and watched me go out with  
everybody else last week so she had a lot of time to think and stare at her 
lame horse.
and you know what? my horse was not a freak in public last weekend, and was 
able to keep up to the other horses without a melt down, since his companions 
were not setting speed records. we did a fast hunter pace, in a strange place, 
with strange horses, without a single problem. we got 3rd.
things seem to be getting better, her horse is sound now, and she is giving 
him even more time off just to be sure.
ahhh......we have learning.

Rene and Rugby



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