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[RC] TV - Kathie Ford

Well, I prefer no TV.  Nothing great on anymore anyway. 
I have turned mine off and kept it off many times.  When we have it, my kids are like lazy zombies and my husband too.  Not good.  I can't stand sitting for hours, plus I'm too busy also with horses, chores, and all my other responsibilities.
The only reason I have TV right now is I worry during fire season and want to know what's going on.  After that...who cares..the TV could blow up as far as I'm concerned! lol
Also noticed something, especially with my older relatives.  I find that folks that watch a lot of TV and local news and reality TV type stuff tend to not be able to think independently after a while.  I had a relative startle me once by starting a statement with..."the TV says" .....blah blah blah.  I was stunned!! And it happened more than once! 
My comment might sound a bit strong..but as an observer of this a lot lately...I really do see some serious damage of the mind out there...think we can enjoy some TV but we really should be very careful what we put into our minds.  I believe the human mind can be very vulnerable.  Especially youngsters and young adults. 
I think reading and creativity and chores (especially outdoors) are much healthier and most important in developing good character in our kids, and helps them become productive citizens.
I have to say I agree with the majority of "NO TVer's!!" 
very tempted to turn mine off again permanently!

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