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[RC] AERC Endurance News - Bob Morris

To all AERC Members:

1. A number of AERC Members have commented in the past as
well as just recently about their late receipt of the AERC
Endurance News.
It has caused me some concern because the lateness of
receiving the EN can affect your ability to have errors
corrected or protests filed.
So I brought the problem to the attention of the AERC

2. I have heard back from five Directors with quite a spread
of comments.
These ranged, for the Directors, from serious concern to the
fact that the BoD is aware and working out another way.
It was also mentioned that time limitations regarding
protests may be extended by the AERC President.
Are these Directors on the same Board? I wonder.

3. To me it is of concern that there is no established
uniform answer to the problem

4. It is not proper nor good policy to criticize with out
offering suggestions on how to mitigate the problem.
To that end I offer the following:
       a. Please, everyone who has a problem with late receipt of
their EN, please post an E-mail to sleeeker@xxxxxxxxxx
       This is Jan Jeffers, AERC Secretary. This first step is
essential if you want the problem solved. As a gauge to the
       severity of the situation, One person stated they got their
July EN on Aug. 5, the same day I got my Aug. EN!

       b. Also, let your Directors know if you approve of the use
of Rule 15.6 General. All time limitations of the protest
       procedure may be  extended at the discretion of the
President of the AERC. This rule was not intended to be used
       such a manner. (I know as I was part of the group that
wrote it) In my opinion, rules are made to be followed,
       not to have exceptions made so it is not necessary to
follow them.

       c. Please be sure your feelings are made clear to your
Regional and At-large Directors.


Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID



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