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[RC] Update on my saddle search - bought a Marciante! - sharon1359


So many of you were SOOOO helpful when I asked about different kinds of saddles 
a while back, so I thought I'd post a little update.

I found a used Marciante and bought it, thinking I'd have to send it back to 
the saddler to have him fit it to my horse.  I thought it would be too wide (it 
had been made specially for a wide Arab).

But when it arrived I tried it and it seemed to fit!  Zephyr loves it!  I sent 
photos to Marciate and Dale said it fits well from what he can see.  He did 
mention that the fact that I'd be using a Skito pad made him feel more 
comfortable, but that was just a general thing, not because he saw any problems.

The seat, of course, could definitely use more padding in my opinion... but 
then I wouldn't really be happy unless it felt like a couch cushion.  *sigh*  
At least it's more comfortable than my old saddle; the old one had little 
ridges under my thighs where the seat was attached on top of the tree.

By the way - the Marciante seems to be VERY well balanced!  The stirrups are in 
just the right place, and I'm pleased with how comfy it is to be in 2-point at 
the trot or canter.  My friend hopped on for a minute to try it out.  She 
usually uses an Aussie saddle, so the Marciante felt very insecure to her when 
she sat in it.  But a moment later when she was cantering along the trail, she 
lost a stirrup.  They reached a sharp turn just then where she really had to 
bend my horse around the tree.  Because she was missing a stirrup, she was 
afraid she'd end up in the dirt.  Instead, she reported that she jad felt very 
balanced, centered, and secure.

Anyway... thought y'all might like to hear how my search turned out.  ;)

- Sharon Kenney & Zephyr's Elegant Gift 
(Currently getting back in shape for Streaked Mountain, a 30-mile (?) CTR with 
lots of challenging hills and rocky terrain.  How do you train for hills in an 
area as flat as this???)



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