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[RC] Canine teeth and horses age - Jena Williams

I need some input from some of the experienced group on how to best judge my horses age. I have never had a "younger" horse. I bought my guy at the auction so I have no idea of his history. I *thought* they said he was 5, but that may have been my own determination (I don't remember them saying it, just remember thinking it until I asked the vet to confirm). I have had a couple of vets, horseshoers and trainers look at him and had answers of between 6 and 8, with 7-8 being the consensus. Well, in the last couple of weeks he sprouted upper canines! Everything I can find on the 'net says the canines come in between 4 and 5. His behavior has always been consistant with a younger animal, but that could be environmental and lack of socialization. He is low man in the herd, is very emotionally immature/insecure, and still "gapes" his whole mouth to show submission like a foal.

So, do I take this new tooth development to validate my impression of his age; or can they come in later and I should go with what the "experts" have told me?

Jena & Temba (who conquered the "horse eating" puddle today! Good boy! Mom needs to go take off her wet clothes now...)

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