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Re: [RC] Saddle saga and pain - Jeanne Slominski

Hi Mel,
I have two Morgans and a SR saddle for each one. Naturally, their backs are really different from each other. Wonderful saddle, very comfortable for both my boys and for me.
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Sent: Sunday, August 03, 2003 8:18 AM
Subject: [RC] Saddle saga and pain

Finally found a saddle that appears to fit my Morgan! Chiro came out and
agreed it seems to be a good fit. SO far no soreness on the mare and chiro will
come out next week after a week of hard riding to check for any possible
soreness. The saddle is a Crates endurance saddle. I'm not crazy about it cuz of the
weight and I prefer an english type saddle but  my mare comes first. I've
tried at least 15 saddles on this mare.

Now...the problem...(of course there had to be one). I am in lots of pain
after about an hour in this saddle. My knees hurt and my feet get numb. Yesterday
after doing 6 miles of hills I was very sore...when I dismounted my knees
gave out and I almost fell down! Had to lean on the horse a minute.

I've tried adjusting the stirrups both up and down, and I use EZ ride
stirrups. I take riding lessons and am not bracing. I've been riding since I was 12.
I always tend to get more sore in western type saddles.

Will knee braces help? If so what kind?





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[RC] Saddle saga and pain, Sundaez