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[RC] FIRE! - FASTGraphic

This past Wednesday night at about 10:30pm, our house caught fire and was 
destroyed.  Trust me...we are NOT looking for sympathy here 'cause Ginger and 
I, our three daughters, our four horses, our precious pregnant dog, our three 
cats, our three goats, and even our assorted fish are alive and well.  :o)  
We have good insurance and we will rebuild it - better than it was!  All the 
living things that could never have been replaced survived unscathed.  
BUT....it is an experience I would not will on anyone - not even some of you 
ridecampers!  :o)  So do yourself a favor tomorrow.....

Have your fireplace cleaned and checked out by a professional service.  

Have your roof checked and cleaned of dry leaves and other debris which might 
be flammable.

Talk over a fire emergency plan with your family and practice it a few times.

These suggestions are cheap and easy.  Please do yourselves a favor and pay 
them some heed so you don't spend time as we have the last few days...picking 
through wet disgusting rubble for family photos and other "irreplaceable" 
pieces of your life!  LOL  

Tonight, we're in a hotel smiling at each other 'cause we are all alive and 
one of our computers even seems to have survived.  And tomorrow we are 
hitching the horses up to the post, saddling up and riding away our troubles 
for a while.   

To any firefighters who are on ridecamp, you are incredible people.  Thanks 
for all you do.  :o)

One last note - our little "horsey community" of Acton, CA is incredible.  We 
always joke about living in Mayberry RFD, but it has been no joke the last 
few days.  This incredible town has a horse in every back yard - and a 
thoughtful, helpful, wonderful human in every (well, almost) house.  :o)  
Joe, you said something about not wanting to move to So Cal.  I can say that, 
for the most part, I'd agree with you.  Acton, however, is unlike any other 
part of California I've been in.  It is truly a town with a heart and soul 
that is beautiful.  Imagine this.....I was in my driveway in my wife's 
bathrobe, without a belt, holding up a garden hose and exposed for all the 
world to see.  Not only did the neighbors not roll on the ground laughing, 
they came and helped.  And even brought me some clothes.  :o)  And they have 
been offering help for our family and horses every day since.  May you all be 
blessed with a community like Acton.

Okay, enough blabbering.  I haven't slept much the last couple of days and I 
apologize for the ramblings.  But please indulge me just a few more....

Jody, Richard and Renee, if you are lurking, THANK you for everything.  You 
are incredible friends.

Heidi, you will be pleased to know that a signed, framed letter I have from 
Ronald Reagan survived.  :o)

Tammy and Charlie, we'll be by soon to fill you in on all the gory details.  

Carol, the trailer survived.  :o)  And though we are a little discombobulated 
at the moment, we have your money and will get it to you soon!

Hug your kids and horses and check your fireplace and roof.  :o)  Our best to 
all...and to all a good night!

Scott & Ginger

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