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Re: [RC] old macs - David & Maggie

If you have a horse that forges, you worry about heelbulb injuries constantly. If Old Macs were permitted in CTR's I wouldn't have gotten pulled at Oak Openings one year. They do act like bell boots.
If they are permitted, then injuries below the pastern should be ignored for scoring on the other horses in the ride.
Maggie--just my opinion
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From: Sandy Terp
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 6:22 AM
Subject: [RC] old macs

This would be a good time to tell all the ECTRA riders/drivers going to the convention that I have asked to speak to the board about allowing old macs.  If you can't make it to the convention please write or e-mail a board member.  We need everyone to raise their voices to allow these.  I realize the coronet band is the magic line drawn in the sand but these boots help many riders keep their horses barefoot most of the time.  They use the area around the coronet band to hold the boot on instead of squeezing the hoof the way easy boots do.  How many of us have gotten points off for injuries at the coronet band.  I have competed pretty darn close to 6000 miles and I never have.  These boots are permitted in AERC just not ECTRA.  So write or better yet come to the convention and go to the board meeting. 
Sandy Terp

[RC] old macs, Sandy Terp